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    How can I distort an image like 3d bubbles.


      Hello everyone.  What I'm wanting to accomplish is making an image (static image jpg) feel like it's a lava lamp.  I found a really good tutorial on creative a lava lamp effect (the bubble movement) here (http://www.premiumbeat.com/blog/video-tutorial-creating-a-lava-lamp-effect/) and I've had no trouble getting that working.  What I want now, is to be able to use that a mask over an image (again, no problem there), but now I want the image that is behind it to "bulge" outward as if the image was part of the bubbles (in a 3d space).  Feeling like the image was "wrapped" around the lava bubbles, or something to that nature.  It doesn't have to be a big bulge, just enough that it doesn't feel like a flat mask (window through to the image behind) and instead feels more like a physical object.


      Is that possible with AE, or would I need to look into actually modeling a lava lamp in a 3D application and texturing it with my image? (I have some 3D experience, but would prefer to use AE if at all possible).