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    permissions error opening InDesign doc on network share


      Hi all,


      We have a bunch of Mac users running MacOSX 10.9.5 running this version of InDesign


      2014.2 release build


      They work on documents that are stored on a Windows 2003 file server (connected via smb://servername/share). The Mac clients and Windows file server are all joined to AD.


      Intermittently they will receive this error when trying to open an InDesign file on the file server.


      "Cannot open the document Full:path:to:document.indd. You may not have permission or the document may be open already"


      If they try a second time the document does open correctly. Along with this happening through the Mac Finder it also happens when trying to open the doc through Adobe Bridge.


      I checked the sharing/NTFS permissions on the Windows 2003 server side and they look fine (permissions are being inherited correctly and the person trying to open the document is the owner of it....etc...)


      Any ideas on what is going on? On the NTFS side the users have permission to do everything except take ownership and change permissions

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          Steffen Liss Level 1

          Yeah this is a common issue using a wrong setup for the server. The server must allow multiple access for a file. Otherwise the Finder blocks the file because it loads the preview. After 2-3 seconds the file can be opened. Another problem is that files that are marked in the Finder cannot be saved with Photoshop until the file will be deselected in the Finder. Only way to get rid of the error is changing the setup of the server or using Bridge instead of the Finder.


          I hope this helps.

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            w00005414 Level 1

            Hi Steffen,


            Thanks for the quick response. I just went through all the share/file-system settings on the Windows file server where the documents live and there are no options for 'enabling' multiple access to a file. I asked the Mac users to turn off Preview within their Mac Finder as a test to see if that helps.


            Take care,