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    How to call Edge Animate's play function from external javascript


      I have a symbol on the stage called "cart".... inside the symbol is my graphic that has a motion path put on it to the timeline (it is called "car_v1").


      On my stage I have a code to hide the symbol cart with an external css class :

      sym.$("cart").addClass( "hidden" );  ( this is the css - .hidden { display: none; } )


      I have a function that calls an external javascript file.. from that external file I want to get the timeline animation to work:


      here is the function called:



      and here is the function:

      function checkCar() {
      if (AdobeEdge.countCar == 5){
      AdobeEdge.getComposition("EDGE-172492634").getStage().$("cart").removeClass( "hidden" ); // this works!
      AdobeEdge.getComposition("EDGE-172492634").getStage().$("cart").play(); //doesn't work!        <------------this is the line I need help with!

      // sym.getSymbol("cart").play(); // this works inside of edge and the timeline animation runs!!!


      Can anyone help me get the play function to work from my external javascript file? Thanks!