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    Mac network volume offline -> LR creates a local folder




      An annoying behaviour appeared in a recent update (currently on 5.7.1), where Lightroom would create and use a local folder instead of an unavailable networked volume (NAS drive). It still works, but in certain cases it will 'lock' into this mode and my NAS photos stay unavailable.



      Connected to the network, I see the following in my folders pane:

      Macintosh HD     50 / 250GB

      MyNASVolume     2TB / 5TB

      Both show green, I can fully access photos in both.


      What used to happen when the network was unavailable, was that MyNASVolume would turn gray and I could work with photo previews. When I reconnect it would turn green and the full photos would become available again. Perfect.


      Now, however when I go offline I see:

      Macintosh HD     50 / 250GB

      MyNASVolume     50 / 250GB

      and both still show green. If I expand the folders in MyNASVolume, they all show question marks.


      A fair bit of digging, and I found that there is a folder /Volumes/MyNASVolume which acts as a mount point.

      So what happens is that LR will still use this folder when the volume is unmounted. This is in my opinion not correct.

      If the NAS is reconnected and I start up LR, everything is fine again.

      Interestingly, if I delete the folder from /Volumes, and start LR, it will create /Volumes/MyNASVolume after a short while (30s or so).


      BUT... there is another case where it does become problematic. I think it happens if the Network volume is mounted while LR is open: A second folder /Volumes/MyNASVolume2 is created as the new mount point (probably because OS X sees the original mount point as being in use). Now LR continues to work with the original folder (with nothing mounted), while the volume is mounted elsewhere and the photos remain inaccessible to LR.


      To me this smells like a bug...?


      Any input appreciated.