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    Premiere Elements Debug Event MonitorMixer.cpp-201




      Today while editing a vacation video I encountered this message window:




      I'm using Premiere Elements 7 in WinXP 32 bit service pack 3.

      Audio card is a Creative Sound Blaster Live 5.1 with latest drivers installed.


      The video source of the project is a *.VOB taken from a DVD, JPG pictures, MP3 audio (no errors in Getting Media)

      Actually I'm halfway of the editing and yesterday was going great as usual, same files, same sources.

      I did not install anything new, just shut-off the computer and restarted.


      Audio Hardware settings > Default Device: Premiere Elements Windows Sounds (the only one available) // ASIO settings: SB Live Wave Device + AnvsoftSound_Device

      Here are the ASIO Settings:

      ASIO Settings.jpg

      Here I can change all the settings and click OK, but when I check the settings are back again like in the above picture.


      My Project settings:

      Project Settings.jpg

      Project Settings Rendering.jpg

      Section of the Timeline that has been working correctly until today:


      Suggestions are very welcome.