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    Calculations not working in Reader Enabled PDF Form


      I created a basic Excel spreadsheet and imported it into Acrobat 11 to make a fillable form. Acrobat inserted most of the fields but I had to add some to complete the form. I went into the properties of the fields and set up the calculations using the standard Acrobat calculations. I want the product of field1, field2. When I preview the form, the calculations work. I then close the form for editing and save as reader extended PDF with more tools. When I open the pdf in reader the calculations do not work. I then researched many possibilities on the forums and even called adobe twice with no resolution. I was able to import a blank excel spreadsheet, then created three new fields with calculations and they worked in reader when I saved the form as a reader extended pdf with more tools. So my question is where does my problem originate? Is the problem with the excel spreadsheet or excel formatting ( Excel 2013)? Is the problem with Acrobat 11? When I asked the support tech at Adobe he said that he hasn't heard of this problem before. I have spent hours and hours on this, I have created new forms from scratch and even on different versions of word and acrobat. I figured these calculations should work, am I wrong? ( I have also tried using every calculation option including JavaScript). Thanks in advance for any help.