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    Responsive design top logo image


      I have problems with my responsive design: top logo image doesn't follow the various widths. Fex. the mobile display width or the maximum width display. I've tried to fix this by adding a srcset with tree different image sizes but that does't work either. The fluid grid template is DW:s own, it's the latest version of DW from Creative Cloud.

      These are my two attempts:

      <header class="fluid" id="logga"><img src="Images/Logga4.jpg" srcset="Images/logga1 300w, Images/logga2 650w, Images/logga3 1150w" alt="Logga"/></header>

      and the one without srcset: <header class="fluid" id="logga"><img src="Images/Logga4.jpg" alt="Logga"/></header>

      Any ideas?