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    Batman sign effect please help


      Ok in this tutorial at 1:50 there is a very cool way that the words reveal them selves with fire inside of the batman logo. It would be fantastic if someone could tell how to do that effect.....

      Some one please help me Maybe explain to me how it is done or just point me to a tutorial....

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP


          When you want to replicate an effect start by breaking down the shot into layers. I see a background, a Batman shape acting as a mask for the internal text, fire, smoke, fire extending outside the mask, glow from the fire illuminating the background and the Batman shape.  Not counting the text at the bottom that's eight or nine layers. The shape and background are fairly easy. The text is easy, and so is masking the text with the shape. The hard part Is the fire and smoke. Particle systems and fractal noise can both be used to simulate fire. You would use a copy of the text layer as a path for a particle emitter or a mask for fractal noise. Colorama could be used to add color to the fire. Duplicate layers of fire that are blurred and set to add or screen blend mode would give you the glow effect. Some animated masks could reveal the burning text.


          There is no simple single plug in solution to this shot. It has to be a combination of layers and blend modes. Google should point you to some burning text or text on fire tutorials for After Effects. You are probably not going to find a tutorial that will give you exactly this look, but if you carefully search and don't just take the first tutorial you find, you can probably figure it out.


          Just so you'll know, if I were starting to create that effect for a client I would probably give them an estimate of a day and a half.

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            Iggorr25 Level 1

            Cool I am not yet at a level in this to be able to see all the stuf that you just explained but one day I will be Anyway THX a lot for pointing this stuff out and giving me a starting point. I will follow your advice and do the best that I can I have already watched a ton of tutorials of fire, particles and fractal noise, I might be able to make something like this THX a lot for the help