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    Text can be copied from a secured file

    laurie_g Level 1


      I have a Word document that I have exported as a PDF. Then in Acrobat Pro XI I have applied security settings:


      Restrict editing and printing of the document. A password will be required in order to change the permission settings.

      I have enabled High Resolution printing.

      Changes allowed is set to "Commenting, filling in form fields, and signing existing signature fields".

      I have NOT selected the option to "Enable copying of text, images, or other content".

      I have selected "Enable text access for screen readers for visually impaired".

      Finally, I have it password protected in order to change any of these settings.


      However, I recently found with barely any searching, TWO apps in Chrome that allows the text to be copied and pasted, or exported directly to Word.

      How do I prevent this from happening?