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    Flex datagrid problem - $20 reward

    drm314152 Level 1
      My Datagrids don't seem to work as I would expect.
      The biggest issue is that resizing column seems to not be very intuitive, grabbing directly on the dividing line resizes the parent SizeableTitleWindow which may actually shrink the table with the window, if I grab to the side of the line, but still with the resize cursor, it seems to resize most of the time like expected, but i need it to work like expected for people without training them to grab to the side.

      It also seems that if I resize the parent SizeableTitleWindow and it forces the datagrid to shrink smaller than the datagrid 'wants' to be it causes a white 'box' to hang out the side and bottom of the SizeableTitleWindow the size it wants to be, this also happens if I scroll the grid with my mousewheel without resizing, this looks bad whe I try to show my client what I have built.

      I will pay $10, via paypal, to the first person that provides a usable solution to each of these problems.