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    InDesign Layer Project Distorts/Pixelates When Exported To PDF


      I'm very new to InDesign and have a million questions, but here are 2.


      1. Using a book template I found online I created a layers project and exported it to Adobe as a PDF. My InDesign software is current but I am using Adobe Acrobat 7.0. In InDesign the image is crisp and clear. You can easily read the writing etc, but when I exported it the image blurred. You can no longer read the small print and everything is fuzzy. Additionally, the original image has black boxes surrounding words and numbers. In the exported version sides of the boxes have been erased. I did only the basics with this project: no formatting and I left the pixels as they were. Any suggestions?


      2. Is it possible to put multiple layers on a single page? Say for example you have a map of America. Is it possible to check or uncheck a box and have different states highlight? So that I could click 3 boxes and have Oregon, Washington and Georgia highlight and then unclick and have Washington dissappear, all of it on one page rather than moving between layers.


      Thanks so much.