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    Erase double tab ONLY in the footnotes




      i am new to GREP, but probably i need to use it to save tons of work.

      I am paginating a big book (1000 * pages) and i have to

      1) erase all the double tab at the beginning of the footnotes (see first picture, black circle) <- and only the double tab  at the beginning of the footnotes, so i can't use the normal find..

      2)erase all the tab at the beginning of the paragraph(see first picture, red circle) <- and only at the beginning of the paragraph so ...can't use the normal find.


      about the first problem i have tryed to use this code find:  ~F+\t\t  Replace with:a  blank space and it somehow worked but unfortunately it erase the footnote number too (see picture 2, black circle)

      Any help ?


      Any help will be appreciated, thank you so much