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    Installed apps not appearing in CC Desktop

    Gabe Lunte

      I'm working in the latest version of Adobe CC on an iMac running 10.10.2.  I've got a range of apps installed, including Photoshop, Premiere, After effects, Illustrator, Acrobat, etc.  Right now, the only one showing up under the 'installed' tab of the CC Desktop app is Acrobat, the rest are absent.  I've tried reinstalling the CC Desktop App, as well as renaming the OPM.db file and relaunching, neither seemed to work.  I've also tried changing languages preferences as some threads suggested, but to no avail.  At this point, I'm at a loss, and it seems like the only way forward may be to uninstall and reinstall each app independently - but without a guarantee this would solve the problem, I'm hesitant to do so as it would mean re-installing scripts / plugins, and reconfiguring settings.


      Seems like a bug that renders the desktop app useless.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.