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    How to update Edge's div with AJAX anchor link?





      I'm making an interactive mall map. You can take a look at it here: http://alexpestov.com/mallmap/

      The map highlights a shop, depending on the hash in the link (#m1, m2, etc.)

      When you open a link like http://alexpestov.com/mallmap/#m1, it works fine.

      I need the map to change the selection when user clicks on an anchor link on the same page

      (like Shop 1, Shop 2, etc. at the bottom of the page), without reloading it.


      How can I do this?

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          joel_pau Level 5

          Hi Alex,


          Looking at your code:


          1) You are using a trigger at zero with Edge Animate 5. This is buggy. So please move your trigger to 10 or 50 milliseconds.

          2) Then, it seems the good code must be:


          case "m5":

          sym.getSymbol("m5").$("m5").css("background-color", "#0099FF");

          sym.getSymbol("m5").$("m5_2").css("background-color", "#0099FF");

          sym.getSymbol("m5").$("m5_3").css("background-color", "#0099FF");



          and so on.

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