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    frame position


      I have just reinstalled InDesign CS4 6.06 on my iMac running 10.9.5.

      When I create a frame it is getting its position in the info bar from the centre point of the frame and not the top left.

      In have gone to units and increments and set origins at Spread, which I understand is correct, and then Pages and then Spine but it keeps seeing the centre point of the frame as its position.

      I'm sure I am being an idiot, and if anyone can point me towards the solution I would appreciate it greatly





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          Steffen Liss Level 1

          You need to change the reference point. Usually its in the upper left corner of InDesign (9 squares, 1 is filled, this is the actual reference point). If not, than please reset your workspace "Window > Workspace > Essentials".

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            jodymcleish Level 1

            Hi Steffen,


            Thanks for that


            I have tried using the dotted cross top let and dragging it to zero zero and also reset every workspace options available, but it is still getting its frame position from the centre point, is there something e;se I can do?

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              Steffen Liss Level 1

              hmm. You don't need to drag anything. Just click on the rectangle you want the reference point to be. Also, this has nothing to do with the zero point of the ruler.

              Here what the change of the reference point looks like on my machine:



              Another guess: "preference > units & increments" there is as ruler section where the origin can be set. But I don't think that it will help. But its worth a try.

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                jodymcleish Level 1

                Steffen, you are a superhero and I am an idiot.

                Your screen shot showed me where I was going wrong.

                Thank you so much for your help.

                I had been stressing out trying to work it out on my own for the last day.

                Brilliant thanks


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                  Steffen Liss Level 1

                  Your welcome.


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