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    Minus Time Calculation


      I am working on a daily time sheet, I have the total box which adds up the time of various tasks done that day, but under the total field I need to minus 30 minutes from the total and show the answer in that field.




      var fields=["Total Basic HoursRow1","Total Basic HoursRow2","Total Basic HoursRow3","Total Basic HoursRow4","Total Basic HoursRow5","Total Basic HoursRow6","Total Basic HoursRow7"];


      var times = [];


      for(var i=0; i<fields.length; i++) {


                var fieldvalue = fields[i];


                time = Time2Min(this.getField(fieldvalue).value);






      event.value = '';


      event.value = Min2HHMM(eval(times.join('+')));


      Under this field is Minus30min, it is this box I want to minus 30 minutes from the total in TotalBasicHours

      Please help, I have looked all over and I can't find a script I can copy (I am new to JavaScript)....