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    Save button instead of print button in CS3

    T the K

      I suddenly have a Save button instead of a Print button in CS3.  I think my Print Preset, Printer and PPD settings might have changed.  I don't know why and don't remember what they were before. 

      My printer is an HP Laser Jet 1300 Series.  It is a postscript laser printer.  If I change the Printer setting to Microsoft XPS Document Writer, the Print button appears but it doesn't print.  Instead it wants me to save the file as a .xps document.


      I am using VMWare Fusion on a Mac so that I can still use my Windows version of CS3.  It has worked until now.  What have I done wrong?  Can I fix this? 


      I've done a church newsletter that I was planning to copy at the church tomorrow morning.  Cannot believe this has happened to me!  Thank you.