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    Funny behavior with Item Editors

    dimival Level 1
      I have a DataGrid which has a column with CheckBoxes (item editors), initially they are all unselected (suppose there are 5 rows), if i click on the 5 of them quickly to change them to selected then something funny happens, some of them change to selected and then to unselected again. If i do this slowly, then it works fine. And the same happens if they are all selected and then i quickly click on the 5 of them to unselect them, some of them became selected again.

      It is as if Flex wasn't able to process the changes so fast, so by the time it is processing a CheckBox's change another one changes too and it reverts the first one to its previous state.

      Any idea why this happens? is it a bug, a mistake in my code, a normal behavior? what is it?