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    Synonym Editor Inconsistent

      I have created using the synonym editor groups of words that mean the same. However, when conducting a search, I get inconsistent results. I have even tried adjusting the tolerance in the RoboEngine as low as 60. "Buy Back = Buy-Backs" returns successful topics; "cost of living = cost-of-living" returns zero search results, even though I have a topic in my help file titled Cost-of-Living Adjustments. I even tried a directional synonym by creating a condition that if the person types "cost of living" RoboHelp will search for topics containing cost-of-living. That doesn't even work. I do not understand why I keep getting inconsistent results with the synonym editor. Can anyone help me resolve this dilemma?

      The synonym editor seems to be the most confusing tool to understand and use in RoboHelp.