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    Missing browse sequences


      I have encountered a curious (to me at least) problem with an old RoboHelp HTML project which uses browse sequences. When I open the old CHM (which dates from 2007) in my PC, I can't see the browse sequences. I have checked my PC (which uses 64-bit Windows 7) and I have HHActiveX.dll files in both the System32 and SysWOW64 folders which I have registered using the regsvr command. However, the problem persists. Another PC with 32 bit software shows the sequences just fine. I have now upgraded the project using RoboHelp 10 (not sure which earlier version it was built on) but I still can't see the browse sequences in the output, and now they don't appear in the 32-bit system either. I have the browse sequences option clicked in the Window properties dialog for the CHM generation, and the sequences are still intact in the project as far as I can see. I'm not sure whether the problem is a display issue to do with the DLL or something about the way the CHM is being built - or both!


      All advice gratefully received.



      I have made some progress using the HHActiveX file that was supplied with my version of RoboHelp. Now I can generate the chm within RoboHelp which shows the browse sequences correctly. However, if I attempt to open this chm from outside RoboHelp, the browse sequences are once again missing. And if I re-generate the chm it doesn't seem to overwrite the current file. Does anyone know what is going on?


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