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    Compositing aliasing When using Key light


      Good morning all,


      My office has been having and issue when we composite green screen footage in AE using keylight.  We are all on the new Mac Pros, running Yosemite 10.9.5 or newer and the latest version of CC.  We generally work with footage shot on a Sony EX 3 at 1080/23.97p, (Though I have run into this issue on multiple systems with various types of footage ranging from the a-fore mentioned to 4K from the red.)  It has happened when we round trip out of Avid MC as well as when we bridge footage out of Premiere Pro.


      What is happening is, when we key something, or if we add a layer for jelly bugs or lower thirds graphics, a gray bar will show up for a frame, generally, across the top third of the screen spanning the entire width and approximately 20 pixels high.  Has ANYONE else run into this?  What causes it and how do we fix it so that it never happens again.


      I am assuming there is something in our process that is causing it since I have been able to replicate it on systems from Orlando to Michigan and all 3 of our systems in my office. Any information would be most helpful.