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    Imported text formatting disappearing when changing font in character palette.


      Something seems to have changed with my InDesign, and I'm not sure why. Here is what I used to be able to do.


      I could import a word doc into a text box. This text would have bold, regular, italics fonts. I would select the text box, then change the font using the character palette by just changing the top font box. For example, if the font imported in as Helvetica but I wanted it all to be Futura, I would select the box and then just type Futura and all of the Helvetica bolds would become Futura Bold, and the Helvetica Italic would become Futura Italic, etc. I didn't have to select each line.


      Now if I try to do that same thing, when I select Futura, it just changes ALL the text to Futura Regular. I lose all previous formatting that was imported in from the word doc.


      I hope this makes sense.

      How can I go back to the way it was?


      PLEASE HELP! This is maddening! Not a big deal for a single flyer design but when laying out a book, this could add DAYS to the project.