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    I´m new at flex and need some help.

      Hi, I’m in the last year of my University Degree and I was asked to develop a user friendly application to be used by teachers and students at the University. With this application, teachers will be able to post new projects with tight deadlines, and students will deliver their project files through the same application. The files will be saved in one of the University servers.
      I’ve downloaded the trial version of flex and I think it’s amazing. I want to suggest to the University to use flex 2.0 to develop this application. I already know how to get data from the database using ASP/ XML. But I still have some doubts in my mind that maybe you guys can clarify.
      Can I send files with a flex application and store them in a specific directory in the server?
      Can I create a new directory in the same server?
      Can I add items to a database?

      Regards from Portugal