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    Photoshop Touch - This is not a valid project

    Keltik89 Level 1

      Hello everyone.


      I hope I am posting in the right section but I have a very big problem.

      I have been working on a project on my Photoshop Touch for many hours and days. A lot of work went into it.

      When I saved the last time and went to open the file it kept telling me that 'This is not a valid Photoshop Touch project'.


      I can still see my project's preview but I cannot open it. I transferred my PSDX file to my computer but sadly I have no CS 5 or 6 to open it with...

      The file is about 174kb in size so I have still some tiny hope that something must have remained from my project... Even if just a bit.


      Can someone please help me fix it or at least have a look at it if something can be done about it?


      Thank you.