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    Need help with a lyrics video


      Ok so I am having a problem with a lyrics video I am making, my very first. I have looked up camera tutorials on youtube and still can not solve the problem. It is very hard for me to explain it in text so I made this short video in which I explain the problem, please if you have the time watch it and maybe you can tell me what is the problem

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Your video shows the problem but not much of how you are rigging your camera. I think you have made the camera moves much too complicated. It's always best to think of the AE camera as if it were a real camera on a stage. Think of your 3D layers as actors. If it is easier to move the actors than the camera then move the actors. You have created a very complex 3D set where the camera must fly up and over and around in a large arc. I would have just put a 3D null in the center of the text layers, made it the parent, then animated the null. Any camera moves would have been a simple dolly in and out or a short truck right and left.


          If you want to keep the current setup and figure out what is going on with the camera then open up multiple views so you can see what is going on with the camera moves. I've never used SureTarget so I don't know how it functions but I suspect that something like gimbal lock is happening or your orientation is being fouled up because the camera is going over the top and then ending up upside down on the other side of the text layers.

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            Iggorr25 Level 1

            THX for the advice I was not able to fix the problem so I made a different 3D set and it works I do not know what was the problem here. Now I have a different problem that I need to solve I I do not solve it with youtube I will be making a new video for this forum.....