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    Can anyone recommend a lightbox software that is completely 508 compliant?


      Can anyone recommend a truly 508 compliant lightbox software? By that I mean, you can access the lightbox with the keyboard only (no mouse action at all), i.e. you can tab through the lightbox gallery, access any links for more info within the pop up box, close the last box in the gallery, not have the screen reader read all the html in addition to captions, and make sure that the screenreader knows there is a lightbox there and announces it.


      I bought Ajatix Lightbox v. plug in for Dreamweaver as it said it was 508 compliant. It makes beautiful lightboxes but it has some problems in that I cannot close the last lightbox in the gallery without tabbing through the rest of the site and landing back on the page link and reloading the page. Also accessing a link within the pop up is just as problematic. You have to tab through the rest of the site again until it lands on the link. Long winded. Perhaps this is as good as it gets? I've been back and forth with Ajatix who have tried to help but there doesn't seem to be a clear cut way to make these items easier.


      Just thought I'd ask to see if anyone else had run into this?


      Thanks in advance!