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    Control screen density when printing?


      Let me outline the circumstances briefly first:


      I am working with InDeisgn and sending files to a EFI Fiery Server that is hooked up to a Xerox C75 digital printer. I am printing plates for an offset press from that printer, and these plates require screens that are loose enough that the offset press can reproduce them. What's happening is that the screens (no matter my output settings in InDesign) are coming out very dense, or closely packed from the printer. Normally that would be good for looks, but in this case I need them to be less dense.


      I've talked to Xerox support who says that my InDesign settings are probably being overridden by the EFI print driver in control of the Xerox. I will admit at this point that I am no expert in this field, and I don't know a lot about print drivers etc. Xerox seems to think that there is a setting somewhere in InDesign that can be changed so that InDesign, not the EFI driver, will have control over the colors, and therefore the screen density.


      What I would like to happen is for me to be able to go to the output section of the print dialogue, select separations, go to my black ink and specify a value of say, 85lpi for the frequency (see screenshot below). My problem is that this has no effect on how the printed sheet comes out, no matter if I set it to 1lpi or 1000lpi.


      How do I gain control of my screen density?

      Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 2.08.17 PM.png

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          You turn off the override in the Fiery, or set the screen there.


          I can't believe Xerox passed the buck on this. If they can't instruct you in how to do this over the phone, it ought to be in the documentation they should have provided with the equipment. Been awhile since I worked at a service bureau, but when we got our first Xerox color copier they sent a person to our site to set it up on the network and train us in how to use it, and they gave us a number to call when we needed help.

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            JonadeAP Level 1

            Thanks for your response Spier. The problem seems to be that nobody has the complete picture; Xerox support doesn't really know that much about command workstation (even though they're responsible for giving it to you), and this doesn't seem to be an InDesign issue. I ended up talking to a guy at EFI and he told me that to control halftone density specifically, you need the Command workstation Graphic Arts Package (sold through Xerox apparently). With that add-on to Command Workstation you can do what they call "halftone simulation," which allows you to specify screen densities for a job. The package retails for about $7000 on the EFI website, but we'll see what the Xerox rep says. Just thought i'd leave my breadcrumbs here for anyone else who might run into the same issue and comes to the Adobe forum.