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    Nothing centers with my component

      1. Create component in FLA. Create live preview FLA. The live preview centers perfectly. Running the component FLA, the component "moves" in relation to other items on the canvas. So the component FLA location changes at design vs. run time. OK, fine, it's small so I can live with that. Everythign in the compoennt FLA has a location of x=0 and y=0. Every movie clip and every graphic.

      2. Create SWC from the component FLA. When placed on the canvas, the centering is way off. The contents of the component are moved all to the left. Therefore the component's content right end point is the center on the component itself. In other words, the component info is outside the blue bounding box that got dropped out of the canvas.

      SIDE RANT:

      Components really suck in Flash. Seems like there is always some magic hack you have to konw to get them to work. I've never seen a language that requires so much work for such a simple item.

      Am I doing something wrong trying to write a "real" application in Flash? Is Flash such a joke that I should be looking into Flex or a MSFT alternative?