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    Text box Calculation based on 2 other text boxes

    Sean.twyman Level 1

      I have 3 text boxes, the first you can only leave it blank or enter numbers 1 through 5 (like a rewards program level)

      on the second text box i manually enter an amount like 204.99 (auto format for currency)

      the third box should populate based on  the level in the first box - the amount in the second.


      My issue is say the first box will show level "1" and that should represent $500 ( this amount varies depending on the level)

      and the 3rd box should show the calculation of the 1st and second. Say 500-204.99 would be 295.01 and that's what it should show.

      I know how to do simple calculations but with the first text box showing levels, I believe I need a JS script and that's where I am stuck.

      How do I set box one to have a different value that what it shows?