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    Can .chm files link to .html files?


      I'm using RoboHelp X5 and cannot find a way to link from a .chm file to an .htm page. It seems like it should be simple, but.....

      Is this a known issue, software limitation, or am I missing something? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

      :) Kathy
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Kathy. Where is the HTM file? Website? Stand alone? Either way it is possible to link to it. Just use the Cntl+K key to display the hyperlink dialog. Then select the Link To button and the Web Address (for website) or File (for stand alone file) options.
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            Kathy_K Level 1
            Well, I've narrowed it down to some RoboWierdness. I'm linking to standalone .htm files, and in one project I can get it to work, but in another, I can't. I can see that in the source code in the .chm file the link is not maintained... even though I KNOW I put it in correctly and it shows as correct in the project -- both in the dialog and in the true code.

            I just don't know WHY RoboHelp is doing this. I've tried compiling using HTML Help workshop, and that doesn't make a difference.
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              Level 2

              A couple of items.

              In linking to an external .htm file it is useful to use the parser function to find it. This is documented in the Help Workshop help file. I've never had any trouble with using it for external files.

              Secondly, the compiler is fickle and wants to be smarter than you so if you link to an external file it just might include that file in the compiled project, thinking you want it there. Of course, you don't. You just put it in the project directory to test it. So, what you get is a version of your .htm file compiled into the help, which defeats the purpose of having it external so it can be edited outside of the help. I think this is a Microsoft design flaw, but someone might think it is a great feature.

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                Kathy_K Level 1
                Thanks so much, John! The parser function worked.

                Now, I don't suppose you have any idea how to get that link to have an underline effect on hover? The HTML Workshop instructions indicate how to manually change the style attributes, but not to add a hover effect.

                :) Kathy