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    RoboHelp Server 6 Migration questions

      Right now we are using RHX5 Office with RHX5 server. When our RH6 software( RH6 and RH6 server) comes in ( next few weeks) we plan to migrate all new work to the new setup. Has any one done this sso far? I'm looking for the "gotchas" and any suggest ions that the fourm might have.

      What kind of problems will I have when I migrate existing project to RH6?
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          Cro1410 Level 1
          Hi, I just posted a question about RH6 and RH server 6 that maybe you cna answer. Did you buy the two applications separetely or does RH server 6 include RoboHTML and RoboHelp for Word?
          Sorry for replying by a question but I am desparate for info ;-)
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            jochumr Level 1

            I saw your other post, also. "I think" and this is my opinun , (since I dont have the software in front of me) ... when you read the server features you need to have the RH6 also. Wiith out it you can't do any of the features.

            We are upgrading 4 copieso RH5 plus buying two full versions as well as a 1 upgrade copy of RH6 server. Again I think that If Aodbe were includinng the development capability along with the server they would list it as such.
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              johndaigle Level 4
              Hi, folks. I have written an article for the Adobe Developer Center that is due to be published tomorrow (Monday, Feb 19).
              The article "Adobe RoboHelp Server 6 improves the feedback loop" discusses many of the issues mentioned by jochumr and ChrisRousset.

              Meanwhile to jochumr, since you will be removing the old RoboEngine before installing the new Server 6, you will want to do the usual backups particularly regarding anything to do with Feedback Reports relating to the, now outdated, natural language search. Also, you will want to inform your users of the new Search format and best practice and they should no longer put their searches in the form of a question. So instead of them putting in "Where is the expense report form", they should just put the keywords, "expense report form". This will take some adjustment on their part if they've been previously indoctrinated to enter queries "in their own words".

              Meanwhile, here are some excerpts from the article in advance:

              Important tips for upgraders
              The Natural Language Search facility of older versions has been replaced. The new full text search facility is an important change for those upgrading from an older version of the RoboEngine. The natural language search concept seemed like a good idea years ago, but never caught on because users were more familiar with keyword searches. Since the natural language search technique often confused users, it has been replaced.

              Upgrade Tip #1: Upgraders will want to "archive" their older feedback reports before the change takes place, because the RoboHelp Server 6 database will replace the older RoboEngine database.

              Upgrade Tip #2: Those upgrading to RoboHelp Server 6 will want to let users know that rather than entering questions, they should use keywords for their search terms.

              Upgrade Tip #3: A best practice would be to set up a test server and publish your existing content. In this way, you can anticipate any rollout changes you want to make.

              What if authors are using mixed versions?
              While it is ideal to upgrade both client and server applications to the new version 6, it is possible to work in a mixed environment, if you are careful. For example, both the older RoboHelp X5 and the new RoboHelp 6 authoring client apps can publish to both the old or new RoboEngines. However, there are at least two major differences for which you will need to plan.

              1. You would want to select WebHelp Pro as the single source layout (and not FlashHelp) because the older RoboEngine did not support FlashHelp (RoboHelp Server 6 supports FlashHelp Pro from the client app.)
              2. Be mindful of the differences resulting from the removal of natural language search, as discussed earlier.

              As for purchasing, I'm not familiar the sales aspect, but I understand that Adobe RoboHelp Server 6 does not automatically come with the RoboHelp 6 authoring application. Those are separate purchases, though I presume they may bundle it for marketing purposes? The idea is that you only need one "server" license, but any number of "client" apps for however many authors.

              Let me know if I missed something!

              Hope this helps.

              John Daigle
              Adobe Certified Instructor for RoboHelp, Adobe Captivate andAcrobat Connect Professional
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                Has anyone already migrated over to RoboHelp Server 6? We need to upgrade from e-help's plain 'ol version of RoboHelp x.5.

                Can I assume that for the two tech writers in our company, we only need to buy one RoboHelp 6 Server package ($1999) and one RoboHelp 6 package? ($999) The product feature list of RoboHelp 6 Server says:

                "Adobe® RoboHelp® Server 6 extends and supports the capabilities of Adobe RoboHelp 6 to provide a complete online help and knowledge base solution. Easily deploy and manage up-to-date online content, control and monitor the use of web-based help systems in real time, and develop help systems for use with the Microsoft .NET Framework."

                The above statement makes me assume that RoboHelp 6 would be included in the RoboHelp Server 6 package.

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                  ChristyGTWE Level 1
                  As an afterthought, I guess my company would need to purchase one RoboHelp 6 Server and two RoboHelp 6 packages for the two of us writers.

                  Do you think that's right?

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                    johndaigle Level 4
                    Hi, ChristyG

                    (Ooops. I see our posts crossed each other . In a nutshell I think you've figured it out but maybe my post will help anyway)

                    I am not with Adobe, but as I understand it, the Adobe RoboHelp Server 6 product does *not* come bundled with a RoboHelp 6 authoring "client" license, though you may want to check with sales.

                    So from your upgrade scenario, for every existing RoboHelp X5 (or any previous version), each of your authors would pay the upgrade price of $499, not the $999 full price you mentioned.

                    And, if you already have the RoboEngine 4 (which was the most recent version before RH Server 6) then you would pay one upgrade price of $999 not $1,999. Conveniently bundled in the server price are two items for which the old eHelp and Macromedia use to sell separately as "addons" which were quite expensive. The ODBC Connectivity Pack for connecting to SQL Server or Oracle databases (recommended instead of the Access database) and the formerly-named "RoboHelp for .NET" are now included in the single RH Server 6 product.

                    Hope this helps.