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    DataGrid column widths

    LINiLund Level 1
      I really like the flash component DataGrid and Im using it a lot. I have a problem with the column widths, however.
      In my current shockwave app. I have a page with a grid that has 13 columns. I have tried to set the widths using;
      pSprite.getColumnAt(0).width = 60
      pSprite.getColumnAt(1).width = 40
      pSprite.getColumnAt(2).width = 10
      pSprite.getColumnAt(3).width = 10
      pSprite.getColumnAt(4).width = 10
      pSprite.getColumnAt(5).width = 80
      pSprite.getColumnAt(6).width = 80
      pSprite.getColumnAt(7).width = 80
      pSprite.getColumnAt(8).width = 80
      pSprite.getColumnAt(9).width = 50
      pSprite.getColumnAt(10).width = 60
      pSprite.getColumnAt(11).width = 60
      pSprite.getColumnAt(12).width = 60
      the result is 20,20,20,20,20,20,20,20,40,30,60,203,60
      any ideas?
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          I don't have an answer. Did you get it working?

          Also I am trying to write a Director movie using the dataGrid but it is very slow to populate data into the dataGrid. Do you have any suggestions? Can you give me sample lines of code to do this?

          Finally on one web site is suggests to put a dataset and a dataGrid on the stage and send data to the dataSet. But I don't know how to bind these two in Director. In Flash you just set the binding property. Any ideas on this?