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    vectorize texture on a vector outline?!

      Okay, first off: Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a happy Friday!


      Second: This is a weird issue I'm having, so I'll try to be as clear and informative as possible!


      Basically, I have a 100 x 150 px VECTOR outline in Fireworks. This vector has a grain texture applied to it. So as you can imagine, the image is quite small which = slightly grainy! But it's not been a problem... until now.


      I have been asked for the vector images. "no problem!" I thought. Not realising the vectors in Fireworks actually had a raster texture on them.


      I tried exporting to illustrator = just plain line, without texture.
      I then tried adding texture in Illustrator = not right texure style on it, but I settled, found one. But still couldn't vectorise this effectively
      Tried Adding to photoshop, adding texture, then exporting to Illustrator to autotrace = this didn't work
      Tried making image bigger in Fireworks first, then exporting... etc = Didn't work cause texture stayed the same size, so looked very different


      Is there anyway to make the Fireworks vector bigger, the the texture staying same size, so I can export to vectorize
      Or is there anyway to vectorize in Fireworks? Please help! Getting very frustrated with this!


      Thank you!

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          Herbert2001 Level 4

          As long as the texture is 300ppi (colour) or 1200ppi (black and white) it should not matter for print. When a client asks for "vector" generally it just means they wish to print the artwork at high resolution on paper. As long as the textures are of high enough quality and resolution, the print will look fine.


          The grain texture in FW is a paltry 128px by 128px - far too low resolution for any work outside small web graphics. You cannot upscale this either. Stay away from FW's standard textures if you need to upscale work later: they are far too low quality. You CANNOT convert these textures to vector because of that.


          Next time work with high-res textures only. Look on Google images for large black and white grainy textures.


          One solution would be to find a high resolution alternative, and redo your work in Illustrator. Paste the paths in Illustrator, and add the texture. And trying to convert a texture to vectors does not always make sense: it depends on the nature of that texture or pattern. A grainy pattern generally works just as well as a bitmap.