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    Exporting smallest SWF file size


      I'm running InDesign CC and have been trying to export a swf image file just under 40kb. Swf is the accepted file format for an online ad campaign and I'm struggling finding the best way to combine quality and file size. The image is static. If I could use a png or jpg I would...


      The exported swf file was originally 400kb. I changed the settings and lowered it to 250kb. I then tried exporting the image through InDesign and the smallest file size I could get was 130kb with decent quality after exporting as a jpg, linking it back in and re-exporting. Unfortunately lowering the quality of the jpg only helped lower it from 250kb to 130kb... Not quite enough... Suggestions on exporting smaller swf files via InDesign would be greatly appreciated.


      Side note:

      Flash keeps exporting files sized at 9kb and they are horrible quality. Any advice on how to change the export settings in Flash to improve the image quality and maximise my 40kb limit would also be greatly appreciated!