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    Opentype Feature Bug in InDesign CS6 until CC14.2

    Sami Artur Level 1


      my name is Sami Mandelbaum and I am doing a Hebrew font with a simple opentype feature (final position)

      Hebrew has 5 letters that changed format when they are the last letter of the word (in the left, hebrew is a RTL language)

      I am doing the the programation in microsoft VOLT and is very simple:

      When the letters כמנפצ are followed by general pontuation (space, comma, period, collon and others) they become ךםןףץ.

      The VOLT compilation works perfectly.

      It works perfectly when I have tested in text viewer from DTL OTMaster 5.

      It works perfectly in Indesign CS3-ME and CS4-ME.

      In Indesign CS6, CC, CC14 and CC14.2 everything works except when it is followed by comma.

      I tried everything but it does not work with comma at all.

      Comma is a neutral unicode character like period and others and it should work.

      I have experience in programming opentype features and workarounds but this time I'm stuck.

      Could anyone confirm this bug, please?