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    Import XML




      ich habe ein Problem beim Import einer XML. Es soll ein Verzeichnis von mehreren Mitgliedern erstellt werden. Die Daten sollen via XML eingetragen werden. Leider schaffe ich es nicht, die Angaben der Personen passend mit dem Foto und dem Geburtstag zu platzieren. Kennt sich jemand genauer mit dem importieren von XML-Files aus? Falls ja, erläutere ich gerne detailliert mein Problem/Probleme. Vielen Dank.

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          MW Design Level 5

          To help with XML I would really need to see the XML file itself. At least a full explanation of what is happening...is it that one element is repeating?



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            thomash51958100 Level 1



                        <pimage href="file:///../bilder/19.jpg"/>


                        <prename>XXX</prename>  <lastname>XXX</lastname>











                        <mobile>Mobil </mobile>



                        <private_street>XXX</private_street>  <private_zip>XXX</private_zip>  <private_city>XXX</private_city>








            That's how the XML-File looks like.


            I do know how to import the data. My problem is to put all the data to the right spot. I know how to style the data...

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              MW Design Level 5

              Is the issue creating the format...images to the outside of the spread? Sorry for being so thick but I am not understanding exactly what is the issue.



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                thomash51958100 Level 1

                Yes, images and the "birthdate" outside the spread. That is the problem.

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                  MW Design Level 5

                  Perfect. Thank you for the clarification.


                  I'll see if I can work up a sample later today. Gotta get some signage work out the door.



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                    thomash51958100 Level 1

                    That would be great! Thanks a lot!

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                      MW Design Level 5

                      I made a sample during lunch that I think works--but still will need altered by you for your exact case. I need to clean it up and upload...but my computer is currently hogging my slow dsl bandwidth with an upload of about 1.8 gigs. So it'll be later this afternoon.


                      Here's where I got it before I needed to get back to work. This is after an XML import of 12 dummys. Because there are seemingly empty elements in the sample versus what you showed in your screen shot, those are excluded in the XML merge here. And I was guessing what to include. Once you look at the test file (after I can get it uploaded), it may be useful for you to upload an actual test file if you have any issues altering my test file.





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                        MW Design Level 5

                        Hopefully this is close enough to what you want to accomplish that you can take it from here. I forgot to ask what version you are using. I used CS6 for this example. As I mentioned above, you are going to need to tweak it for your own publication size. Which will affect the two Object Styles that control the Image frame and the Birth date text frame below it.


                        The ZIP has two ID files, two XML files and a folder of images. The file appended with -12 is the result of importing the XML file also with the -12 appended to it.


                        xml-thomash.indd is basically the template and the XML by the same name I used to set it up. Open xml-thomash.indd, import the file thomash-12.xml. Drag the top element into the text box, add pages, make the XML auto-flow.


                        Any questions or complaints, feel free to reply here or PM me.


                        Dropbox - XML-ThomasH-Directory.zip



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                          thomash51958100 Level 1

                          Thank you so much!!!!

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                            MW Design Level 5

                            You're welcome.