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    size of my pictures


      I'm creating a Photo book. Therefor I need to reduce the size of my pictures, for this I use Lightroom. In the folder I see the size of the Pictures afterwards with around 700KB. Now I import them in the Book creator (myPIX.com) and get the Information that the size is to big, more than 25 Megapixel and that I should reduce the size.

      What is wrong?

      What do I have to change?

      Who can help me?

      Thanks a lot!.

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          Actually LR does not do image sizing, reducing or expanding, unless you export an image and at that time you limit the file size along with the quality.


          We need to have more information.


          1) Are you starting with raw image files or JPGs.

          2) What is the file size, MBs, and pixel dimensions, # of pixels horizontally and vertically, of the original file.

          3) Are you using the Export function to reduce the file size and what are your settings.

          4) What is the file size and pixel dimensions of the file once you have reduced it using a file manager like Windows Explorer, File Explorer or Mac Finder Get Info.

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            mélwy Level 1

            That is correct, I export the pictures.

            1) I start with JPGs (as imported to iPhoto from Nikkon)

            2) the file size at the beginning is between 5-8 MB, Picture size: 7360 × 4912 Pixel; 72 Pixel/Zoll

            3) Yes I export the pictures, settings: jpeg; color sRGB; Quality 60; size reduce to 700k // picture size 260 pixel/cm

            4) the new size is 726 KB (725'578 Byte), 4912 × 7360 Pixel; 300 Pixel/Zoll; JPEG picture

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              dj_paige Level 10

              3) Yes I export the pictures, settings: jpeg; color sRGB; Quality 60; size reduce to 700k // picture size 260 pixel/cm

              Ignore the file size. This is so meaningless that it is a total waste of time to look at. The error message you received is talking about megapixels and not megabytes ... these are no the same, and one does not imply the other.


              You want to look at the number of megapixels in the exported photo. Your export settings do not change the number of megapixels, so yes, you are getting very large images. You are getting photos that are 7360x4912 which is over 36 megapixels.


              So, in the Export dialog box, you need to check "Resize to Fit" and then set the settings in Image Sizing so that the exported photo is less than 25 megapixels. For example if you set the height and width to half o the 7360x4912, you are all set.