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    Lightroom 4.4: extracting preview images

    Etnier Level 1

      I just wiped out an entire shoot due to thoughtlessness. All that remains is the Lightroom 4.4 catalog, which contains medium-sized previews of the images. Is there a way I can export them, presumably as jpg's from the Previews.lrdata file, so at least I have those files?

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          dj_paige Level 9

          Let's take a step backwards


          Before you decide that you can only use the previews, you might want to try these steps in order


          1. Check the trash/recycle bin for your photos
          2. Check the camera card for your photos
          3. Restore from backups
          4. Use an "undelete utility" program to recover the original files (there are free programs available)
          5. Last resort, obtain the JPGs (probably at a much lower resolution than the originals) using this program: robcole.com - PreviewExporter
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            Etnier Level 1

            Thank you! Rob Cole's software is a great solution. I had basically tried everything you suggested: the only viable route for me would have been to use undelete software on a multi-terabyte drive, resulting in scads of files with meaningless filenames (MacOSX), and that wasn't worth getting into.


            Thanks again, very much.