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    bottom alignment in table cell isn't working


      So, I have a one row, 2 column table.  In the second/last column, I have an image that needs to be bottom and right aligned.  However, no matter what I do, I can't get the image to sit at the bottom of the cell.


      If I add columns, and move the image to one of the inside columns, it bottom aligns, but if I then delete the column to the right (so that the image is now, again, in the last column) the image again is not bottom aligned.


      I have tried giving the image a negative bottom margin, but that isn't working.


      here's the code:

      <td class="last" style="vertical-align: bottom;"><a href="#TOPofPage1"><img

         src="../RESOURCES/i_SPECIAL_art/RETURNtoTopIcon.png" alt="" class="TOPofPage"

         style="margin-bottom: -12px;" /></a></td>


      here's what it looks like:


      bottom alignment.PNG


      So the orange circle with the white triangle needs to be resting at the bottom of its column... why isn't it?