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    error opening tiff file

    nantucketbob Level 1

      I am more frustrated with the SEARCH feature in this forum than with the answers!


      I asked the question, got a quick answer (someone else asked the same question) but now I cannot find that question, or answer!


      Lightroom 5 would not open a TIF file but Photoshop CC would.  The problem was in the format of the TIF file.  It came from a scanner=fax machine,*  The solution was to convert the TIF file to Grayscale.  It worked. 

      But I want to see the details in the answer.  I even recognized the author of the answer but it did not appear in his profile. 


      So, can I get an explanation of why my 1,199 KB TIF file* will not open in Lightroom 5 (but converts to a 171,192 KB grayscale TIFF)


      (I successfully converted it to Grayscale (resulting file size was 171,192 KB), then resized it in Lightroom 5 to "3 MB"jpeg (resulting size was 4,712 KB)  I need to send that file in emails; a 5MB file usually goes OK.)


      *the file is of a poster, about 3 x 4 feet, all black & white, text and diagram.  When it was copied, a TIF file was made.)