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    Elements13, Title: Can erase characters but not add, why?


      Working on MacBook Pro with Yosemite.

      Just installed E13 over E11.

      Looked for old projects, but could not find them within E13

      Built a new project of the clips and wanted to add titles .

      Doped in title clips from "title  and text", but ...

      could not enter any character as in E11 ! Erasing works !


      What to do ??

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          However you created Premiere Elements 11 titles in its Titler, you can do that in Premiere Elements 13/13.1.

          So, please give more details of what you are doing so that we can help you determine why you cannot.


          1. Are you working in the Expert or Quick workspace?


          2. What specific "title clip" are you selecting from the "Titles and Text" Tab of the program? If you have tried several, then please

          name one of them so that I can look at the same title that you are.


          3. If you can only erase from the title content, what are you erasing if you cannot add - are you referring to removal the "Add Text"

          or something else"?


          Please answer all of the above, and then we will decide what next.


          Thank you.