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    Saving clips and combining projects


      Good morning all,


      I am a newbie so please forgive me if the questions sounds simple but I am having problems finding an answer. I previously used GoPro Studio however I purchased a Canon camcorder and I can't edit the files in GoPro. What I would like to do in Premier Elements is save highlight clips and combine projects. I record basketball games and make a highlight video of each game and also would like to save highlight clips of each player that I can combine at the end of the season. So, I am having issues with two things. First, I am able to create a highlight video of each game with no issues. However, I would like to combine several projects(games) at the end of the season into one project. I can open a project but how can I add a project to an open project. My second question. When I am editing a game how can I take clips of each player and store them into each players folder so I can use for a project at the end of the year.


      Thank you!