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    Presenter 9 problem while video importing


      I have a problem with Presenter 9 and I don't know if it is my misunderstanding or I understood something wrong.


      I work with videos so I need to import videos/animations with Presenter.


      - When I insert a .swf I have no problems and all works properly.

      - If I try to insert any other video I can´t (.flv. H.264, MPG.....) As far as I understood, not having Quicktime could be only problematic in case of being necessary a preview. I don't set "preview" and when I try to insert the video it appears always the same fail problem about QuickTime.


      Is there no way to insert a video (any format different to .swf animations) without having QuickTime? Is there the same problem with Presenter 10?


      Thanks a lot for your support once more