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    HTMLHelp API problem

    Nom dAdobe
      I'm using the trial version of the latest RoboHelp HTML to make a .CHM file for use by a Visual Basic 6.0 program. I can display the default page, and the context-defined pages also work using the HH_HELP_CONTEXT command and the context ID number. But I'm not able to display a page by using HH_DISPLAY_TOPIC or HH_DISPLAY_TOC and giving the name of the HTML file:

      lngResult = HtmlHelp(0&, "HelpFile.chm", HH_DISPLAY_TOPIC, ByVal "HelpPage.htm") or
      lngResult = HtmlHelp(0&, "HelpFile.chm::/HelpPage.htm", HH_DISPLAY_TOPIC, ByVal 0&)

      where HelpFile.chm is the help file, and HelpPage.htm is one of the help pages created by RoboHelp HTML. This call results in "Unable to display page" in the right help pane, although the TOC shows correctly in the left pane, so the problem seems to be that it's not recognizing the name of the HTML file. This command works correctly with a .CHM file compiled with my very old RoboHelp (v. 7). Unfortunately, the old version refuses to make a map, so the numerical context help doesn't work with its output file. I've tried several pages, and made sure that the file name sent to HtmlHelp exactly matches, including case, the name of the file created by RoboHelp.

      Is there some setting or option I need to set in RoboHelp to get this to work as it should?