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    Flash Runtime Shared Library


      Hi All,


      I'm having a real problem using runtime shared libraries in flash professional. Basically i need to be able to use the same library across multiple swfs so that when items in the library are updated the swfs reflect this without being re-published. So i have created an SWC file and placed it in a local folder. Then in the publish settings in Flash i've added the path to the swc by clicking browse to swc file. If i click on the 'i' icon on the path i can see that the 'merge into code' option is checked by default. This publishes fine. However when i change that option to 'runtime shared library' and insert the path where the swc is located i get:


      rsl error!

      numComplete 0

      numFailed 0

      numComplete 0


      What am i doing wrong here? its driving me nuts!


      Many Thanks



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          To further elaborate.......The only way i can get true runtime sharing to work is by using the export/import for runtime sharing with a single url. So opening up the source documents library in the destination document and dragging the components in. This works however it only gives me the ability to use a single url. I thought that the option within the publish settings allowed you to specify a runtime shared libray with more than one url so you have failovers? I just cannot get this to work. Perhaps i'm misunderstanding the process?? If i'm trying to specify an swc in the publish settings as an rsl do i still need to have the shared components used in the file checked for runtime sharing? Surely i wouldnt need this if the rsl is set in the publish settings?


          Confusing : S

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            What i'm essentially trying to do is use the shared library facility but specify more than one url so i don't have a single point of failure. It looks as though this might be possible within the publish settings but i just can't get it to work.


            Surely somebody must have come across this before?


            Any help much appreciated