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    "Namespace was not  found" occuring erratically

      Recently, after building a load of custom scrollbars into various controls, I've moved onto shifting them into containers.

      All I'm doing is copying the source file for a particular component, occasionally extending it and changing a few package names to match.

      While trying to compile a copied version of mx.core.Container.as, I consistently get the compiler error #1004 - "Namespace was not found or is not a compile-time constant."

      This _always_ occurs on the second import statement in that file. No matter what that import statement is.

      A project clean and rebuild had no effect, and it seems to be fairly consistent. Steps to reproduce:

      1) Copy Container.as to your own project
      2) Change the package name
      3) Add (now missing) imports from mx.core.
      4) Compile

      Other quirks - this error appears 5 times in association with the same line.

      Help, clues, insight, all very much appreciated =)