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    Digital Signature error message


      I am using Windows 7 64bit, Adobe Acrobat XI and have imported my personal digital signature certificate as well as the certificate from the signing authority. They both show in preferences, but mine has a yellow triangle with an exclamation point before it. When I try to sign a pdf document I get the following error message: "You do not have any digital IDs suitable for signing this document". Anyone know what the missing pieces are?  Thanks

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          IsakTen Level 4

          Your certificate may have expired. Acrobat/Reader 11.0.07 and later also enforces Extended Key Usage (EKU) restrictions. So, there is a possibility that certificates that you may have used with versions prior to 11.0.07 may not be used with 11.0.07. Do to Edit->Preferences->Signatures->Identities and Trusted Certificates->More, select Digital IDs in the dialog that comes up and inspect your certificates. My guess is that they have expired because certificates with wrong EKU are not marked with yellow triangle.

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            beths17087722 Level 1

            expiration date says august of 2016

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              beths17087722 Level 1


              Investigating the issue there is indeed a “signing private key lifetime” that Adobe seems to be using. This is a setting on our vendor site and is set to 70% of the Public Key Lifetime (which is 5 years). As a result – despite the fact the key can be used to sign messages it would appear that signing documents is set to 3 years and 6 months by virtue of this setting.