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    After Effects intermittently spikes CPU use and stalls




      I've looked all over online for a solution to this issue. It just started happening. I will be working in AE and try to change a small thing (degrees of rotation of a text layer for example) and the whole program will suddenly spike CPU use and stall for up to a minute, then be fine for another couple minutes.

      I have had the system working for 5-6 months with no problem so I suspect something updated that may be causing the issue. I have not installed any programs that I can tell are making the problem happen.


      Computer specs aren't a problem. Also have Nvidia Quadro K5100M with 8GB ram. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled AE thinking it could be a problem with some settings but that didn't make a difference.


      I have taken the script that I use (DUIK) out and have tried the system without but that doesn't make a difference either.


      The whole AE file is like 500k and only has one image, text layers and some vector boxes drawn in it so it shouldn't be working hard at all.


      I have gone over the Adobe suggestions for RAM and Multiprocessing optimization and seems to be fine on my end as well.


      Has anyone heard of a problem like this or have some insight?


      Thank you,