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    Premiere & Media Encoder only using all cores of only 1 CPU


      After following the recommendation of the Adobe White Paper on Premiere and Media Encoder I purchased a dual Xeon machine.  It has dual 2699 v3 processors each with 18 physical cores. Both Premiere and Media encoder will max out 36 cores (18 physical and 18 Virtual) but only on one CPU, the other CPU sits idle.  Everything I read is that Premiere and Media Encoder are multi-processor not just multi-core aware.  When I run Cinebench I get 100% across both processors (72 cores maxed out).  I do a ton of 6K Red work and I bought this machine to speed up my rendering times but so far I would have been better off with a single CPU machine as Premiere and Media Encoder seem to only run on CPU at a time.  Please HELP!!!!