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    2 issues - Invalid Serial Number issue & Lightroom 5 Trial vs full version folder hierarchy question



      not sure if I should split these two questions...


      1 - Invalid Serial Number issue

      I'm helping out a friend with their large photo collection and they bought Lightroom 5 and received the serial number but when we add this to Lightroom it states that it's invalid - I tried leaving it until the following week (I visit them weekly) and it still refusing the number - when I went into their Adobe account and took a look at downloads the option to download the full version is greyed out (or an x - I'm not sat on their computer right now so can't double check) but it wouldn't allow me to do anything so we just had the trial version.

      anyone know what the issue is - shall I get them to contact Adobe to get them to take a look - I also had issues trying to find a customer support email address lol. (I seem to faffing with lots of websites/software/companies this week so getting a little frazzled!)

      2 - Lightroom 5 Trial vs full version folder hierarchy question

      This question is linked to the above i- I am wondering if the folders in Lightroom are different in the trial version vs the fully paid version.

      I had set up some greeting card templates and contact sheet layouts for my friend and tried to transfer them to her computer but whilst, LR 'sees' the folders it just doesn't acknowledge the templates - I tried it several ways but I've not had that issue before so will that sort itself when I get the serial number fixed?

      Thank you for any help or suggestions - hope you all have a good weekend :-)